Monday, 2 November 2015

Tohoku! Toono

We started our way from Ooshuu early in the morning and our next goal was Toono. In the middle of Iwate prefecture, there is a small village of Toono, best known about Japanese folklore. Biggest sightseeings are Toono Monogatarikan (folklore museum), the pond where water spirit Kappa is living and Municipal museum dedicated for folklore in Toono. Or at least those were the main points for us. I personally absolutely love old folklore and I have to admit that I spent way too much money to buy books from Monogatarikan. Toono itself as a village was a little bit sleepy kind, a lot of shops and other activities have gone off business, which is a problem all over Toohoku. But all we saw, we weren't disappointed. We spent the evening bathing in sentoo in the outskirts of Toono before driving over mountains all the way to the coast, were we stayed the night.